Parking Map

We offer convenient parking for Wrigley Field.

Simply click on the map below for location details like address, hours and rates. Best yet, your parking is guaranteed when you purchase in advance through this site, so you can focus on enjoying the game instead of worrying about finding a parking spot!

Parking Locations

Title Category Address Description
17107 The Vic Garage Parking 3130 N Sheffield,Chicago IL
17106 Public Spaces in New York Garage Parking 3660 North Lake Shore Drive,Chicago IL
17105 Park Place Tower Parking
17104 Halsted Flats Parking 3740 N Halsted St,Chicago IL
17103 Century Plaza Garage Parking 2836 N Clark St,Chicago IL
17102 Wrigley Field Venue 1060 West Addison Street,Chicago IL
17101 3450 N Lake Shore Dr Parking 3450 N Lake Shore Dr,Chicago IL
17100 3224 N Halsted Garage Parking 3224 N Halsted,Chicago IL